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Arthur C. Clarke

The Collected Stories Expansions Variations

The Collected Stories

The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, published in 2000, contains most of Clarke’s short stories, but not all. The following stories are missing:
On the other hand, The Collected Stories contains two pieces which are not stories at all, but essays: “Reverie” (1939) and “Herbert George Morley Roberts Wells, Esq.” (1967).


Clarke expanded six of his short stories into novels. They are listed here:
Original Version Expanded Version
Title Published Title Published
Guardian Angel 1950 Childhood’s End 1953
The Sentinel 1951 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968
Earthlight 1951 Earthlight 1955
The Deep Range 1955 The Deep Range 1957
The Songs of Distant Earth 1958 The Songs of Distant Earth 1986
The Hammer of God 1992 The Hammer of God 1993


In a few cases, Clarke revised a story or novel after its initial publication, so that two published versions exist. The following table provides an overview.
Original Version Revised Version
Title Published Title Published Comment
The Awakening 1942-02 The Awakening 1952-01 completely revised
Against the Fall of Night 1948 The City and the Stars 1956 completely revised
Critical Mass 1949-03 Critical Mass 1957 White Hart frame added
Childhood’s End 1953-08 Childhood’s End 1990 beginning revised
Ultimate Melody 1957-02 The Ultimate Melody 1957 White Hart frame added