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The Collected Stories

The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, a collection in five volumes first published in 1987, contains almost all of Dick’s published short stories. However, the following five stories are missing:
“Goodbye, Vincent” was written in 1972, but unpublished at the time of the first publication of The Collected Stories. When Subterranean Press reissued this collection in 2011 to 2014, the story was finally included.
The other four stories were apparently excluded because they were expanded by Dick after their initial publication and published as novels. However, the original versions of these stories are clearly novellas and thus should have been included in The Collected Stories.
There are also several items that are sometimes wrongly ranked among Dick’s short stories:
Since none of these items is a short story, they cannot be considered missing from The Collected Stories.


There are five short stories and novellas by PKD that were originally published in magazines and that Dick later expanded into novels:
Original Version Expanded Version
Title Published Words Title Published Words
Shell Game 1954 05,000 Clans of the Alphane Moon 1964 67,000
Time Pawn 1954 21,000 Dr. Futurity 1960 47,000
Vulcan’s Hammer 1956 21,000 Vulcan’s Hammer 1960 47,000
Cantata 140 1964 24,000 The Crack in Space 1966 60,000
The Unteleported Man 1964 28,000 Lies, Inc. 1 Published in several versions. The 2004 edition “Lies, Inc.” represents the most complete version. 2004 63,000
1: Published in several versions. The 2004 edition “Lies, Inc.” represents the most complete version.
As explained in the section The Collected Stories, “A Glass of Darkness,” “All We Marsmen,” “Project Plowshare” and “A. Lincoln Simulacron” cannot be considered short stories/novellas that were expanded into novels, because they had novel length to begin with.


Several story fragments, unfinished stories and deleted sections were published over the years. The following table provides an overview.
Title Written Published First published in
Menace React early 1950s 2011 The King of the Elves
Today the World ca. 1963s 1989 PKDS Newsletter #20
The Different Stages of Love 1970s 1992 PKDS Newsletter #28
The Two Completed Chapters of a Proposed Sequel to The Man in the High Castle 1974s 1995 The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick
Deleted Section from the Draft of Deus Irae Chapter 3 ca. 1975s 2007 PKD Otaku #18
Untitled [Contribution to Confessions of a Troublemaker] 1978s 1995 Search for Philip K. Dick, 1928–1982

Outlines and Treatments

The following is an overview of all published plot outlines and treatments by PKD:
Title Domain Written Published First published in
The Zap Gun: Outline Novel 1963-11 1988 PKDS Newsletter #16
Warning: We Are Your Police TV Show 1967-02 1985 PKDS Newsletter #7
Joe Protagoras Is Alive and Living on Earth Novel 1967-05 1992 New Worlds 2
The Name of the Game Is Death Novel 1967-05 1992 New Worlds 2
TV Series Idea TV Series 1967 1995 The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick
Plot Idea for Mission Impossible TV Show 1967 1995 The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick
Outline for: Our Friends from Frolix 8 Novel 1968-11 1989 PKDS Newsletter #19
Fawn, Look Back Novel 1980-08 1987 Science Fiction Eye #2
The Acts of Paul Novel 1982 1987 The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick (Limited Edition)