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The Collected Stories

The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, published by Subterranean Press, consists of nine volumes and approximately 3700 pages. But still this collection contains only about 30% of Silverberg’s science fiction and fantasy short stories (and none of his non-genre short stories).
Some of the stories that were not included in The Collected Stories can be found in other collections. However, more than 200 of Silverberg’s science fiction and fantasy short stories do not appear in any collection. In addition, there are more than 150 uncollected non-genre short stories (mysteries, adventure stories et cetera).


Robert Silverberg has repeatedly expanded short stories into longer works, usually novels. This also includes the expansion of three short stories written by Isaac Asimov.
Original Version Expanded Version
Title Published Type Title Published Type
Nightfall1by Isaac Asimov 1941 short story Nightfall 1990 novel
Hopper 1956 short story The Time Hoppers 1967 novel
Spawn of the Deadly Sea 1957 short story Conquerors from the Darkness 1965 novel
Three Survived 1957 short story Three Survived 1969 novella
The Winds of Siros 1957 short story The Seed of Earth 1962 novel
Thunder over Starhaven 1957 short story Starhaven 1958 novel
Death’s Planet 1957 short story Planet of Death 1967 novella
And the Walls Came Tumbling Down 1957 short story Invisible Barriers 1958 novel
Hawksbill Station 1957 novella Hawksbill Station 1968 novel
We, the Marauders 1958 short story Invaders from Earth 1958 novel
Shadow on the Stars 1958 short story Stepsons of Terra2aka Shadow on the Stars 1958 novel
The Silent Invaders 1958 short story The Silent Invaders 1963 novel
The Ugly Little Boy1by Isaac Asimov 1958 short story The Ugly Little Boy3aka Child of Time 1991 novel
Collision Course 1959 short story Collision Course 1961 novel
Ship-Sister, Star-Sister 1973 short story Starborne 1996 novel
The Mutant Season 1973 short story The Mutant Season4with Karen Haber 1989 novel
The Bicentenntial Man1by Isaac Asimov 1976 short story The Positronic Man 1992 novel
1: by Isaac Asimov
2: aka Shadow on the Stars
3: aka Child of Time
4: with Karen Haber


Wikipedia defines a fix-up as “a novel created from short fiction that may or may not have been initially related or previously published. The stories may be edited for consistency, and sometimes new connecting material, such as a frame story or other interstitial narration, is written for the new work.” Robert Silverberg has published eight such novels: